by Ironside

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released July 3, 2012

All music written by Ironside.
Colin Boyle
Matt Cleer
Spencer Mattlin
Chip Shomberg
Recorded and Mixed by Spencer Mattlin at Dino Rock Recordings
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio



all rights reserved


Ironside Boca Raton, Florida

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Track Name: Cosmic Doom
listen carefully
hear the flat scans cry
for a planet stolen
as the last the bell chimed
carry the agony
let the universe howl

deadly quiet on a dead world
dark energy held in despair
denial alone i found victory
destroyer of worlds, alone on this path
the weight of the dark
becomes to heavy
this planet; a ruin, a graveyard, a tomb

there will be no light
Track Name: Breaker of Faith
the sky burns open and the hammer falls on to the earth
a light shines thru

the clouds open up with hope and doom ensured to come

the landing challenges the wood held up for two thousand years

a hammer to lead
a hammer to build
a hammer to break

breaker of faith


the hammer will fall, the worthy will follow
Track Name: Black Vans
head full of bad wiring
put a gun against my own head

repeating any where is better than here
any where is better

write my obituary
in blood and brain
across the wall
tragedy and farwell

this is a good death

ill let myself go now
Track Name: Meat and Bone (ft. Peter Kowalsky)
say a prayer on thirteen bullets

Say a prayer
on bullets
sage burns hot
to cleanse the room
seven gods
protect the house
let them know
they can be destroyed

there is no god
there are no souls
all we are
is meat and bone

weak and beaten
another cold year
frightened and tired
another dry tear

this smile dies
inch by inch
abandon the room
i am alone

dig a grave
foot by foot
abandon the living
i am alone